The company was founded in 1983 with the name Pompegraf. From the beginning we focused our activities in Printing and Paper Factory sectors and in all their processes of working. During the following years our company expanded the productive activities and incremented Technical Service, offering Assistance in all the Sectors where compressed air and vacuum is used. The company is located in Cormano less than 1 km Milan and nearby the motorway. The Company is present all around Italy with our Business Network and our Technical Service, always ready to deliver spare parts, to loan pumps and compressors to our Customers and help them for any technical issue with our high specialized team. Some of our Customers are Leader Companies in production and sales of offset machines and bindery and we are proud to give them our best services. This website is planned to give an extra Service to our Customer and to thank Them for having trusted us for the last 25 years.

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