In our warehouse you can find both the original or used guaranteed spare parts which should usually substituted for periodical maintenance:

Air Filters: paper, wire netting, velvet cartridge filter. Different material for meeting the user requirements about air or vacuum filtering.

Kalthoff Filters: paper cartridge filter for HEIDELBERG e KBA offset machines

Graphite Vane kit: graphite, metallic or resin vane for new or old models oil and Oil free vane vacuum pumps. Also it is possible to order discontinued vane

Gasket: every pump has its own different gasket. We  have original kit and alternative material available.

Valves: Vacuum release / air pressure control valve for every kind of pumps.

Clapet valves: also known as non-return valves, they are recommended for a high performance functioning pumps placed under platform and they are essential for pumps installed more then two meter distance. These valves prevent the pump from suffering a rebound when the machine is turned off and some residual air remains in the pipe

Oil separator: for oil lubrication pump. Made in paper, in wire netting or in fiber they need to be often substitute to allow to maintain the pushed out air without oil vapor

Grease Lubricants: one of the most important operations to avoid seizure of the pumps is the bearing lubrication. Unfortunately not every kind of greases is suitable for this operation. Their high temperature resistance and their viscosity should guarantee the lubrication without melting during the functioning. For this reason we have available grease syringe with dispenser nuzzle and their refills; these will help you to manage this operation in an easy and safe way.

High qualified team always ready to assist our Customers.

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